HubSpot Integration Setup Guide

Installing Your HubSpot Integration

Before installing your HubSpot, please ensure you have Admin access in Apex Cloud Telephony.


• Log in to the Apex Admin Dashboard

• Select Settings from the top bar menu

• Click on Integration 



• Click on New CRM Integration from the left side list


• Click on HubSpot button:



Accept scopes



• A new pop-up will appear, and you have to sign in with your HubSpot account



Choose your HubSpot account where the application will be installed



• Click on Connect app button to accept the permissions and install the app in your HubSpot account



• The window will be closed, and you’ll come back to the previous website to complete the installation, you have to click on Confirm Button



• This message will be shown, and you can view the details of the installation via the View button



• Now, going to the Connected apps section in your HubSpot Account, you will see this application connected



• To start using the Application, the extension of the Apex Cloud Telephony must install the Desktop App and activate their extension to synchronize their call info with the Hubspot Account



• Go to Settings on the Apex Cloud Telephony desktop app

• Click on Integrations

Click on the Toggle button to enable the CRM Integration in the extension 1003



• The OAuth window will be open again




Choose account




• And your account will be connected



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