Medium and Large Businesses

The cloud-based phone system for mid-size businesses

Grow with a scalable and feature-rich phone system that empowers your business to connect with customers, collaborate seamlessly, and streamline operations.

Empower your business communication with Apex Cloud Telephony

Call from Anywhere

All businesses thrive on agility, and our platform supports your dynamic work style. Apex Cloud Telephony empowers remote work, ensuring you stay connected whether you’re at the office, working from home, or collaborating with global teams.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Productivity

Apex Cloud Telephony allows you to create professional auto-attendants to greet callers and seamlessly direct them to the appropriate department or employee. Efficient call routing ensures that calls reach the right person, whether they are in the office or working remotely. Voicemails are delivered directly to your email, ensuring you never miss important messages.

Scalability for Growth

As your business grows, so do your communication needs. Apex Cloud Telephony scales effortlessly to accommodate your expanding requirements, ensuring you can add new lines and users with a few clicks.

Call Analytics and Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your communication patterns and performance with our robust call analytics and reporting tools. Track call volumes, peak times, call durations, and more to optimise resource allocation and enhance service quality. By understanding your communication trends, you can make data-driven decisions to improve productivity and streamline operations.

HubSpot Integration

Apex Cloud Telephony system seamlessly integrates with HubSpot to enhance efficiency, reduce manual work and enable a unified communication experience with your clients and stakeholders.

Phone System Features for Medium and Large Businesses

Call Forwarding

Forward 01, 02, 03 numbers to a mobile or even a softphone application


Create a voicemail for each user. Retrieve to your handset or via email

Call Recording

Record calls on demand and download or receive audio files via email

IVR (Auto Attendence)

Create menus and call filtering for departments

Call Queuing

Accept and queue extra phone calls than your team can handle

Out of Office

Set up for outside of working hours and amend dates and times

Mobile App

Make and receive calls with call features via user friendly mobile application

Conference Calling

Create conference rooms for an unlimited number of users via portal

Why Move To The Cloud-Based Phone System?

Easy Installation

Installation of the Apex Cloud Telephony system is quick and easy. The phones are configured prior to delivery, ensuring you have a painless installation process.

Reduces Costs

Apex Cloud Telephony significantly cuts down on the cost of domestic and international calls compared to traditional phones, plus when customers and colleagues call you, they only pay local rate, rather than higher international rates.

Added Flexibility

You are in complete control of all inbound and outbound calls, and scheduling calls around your businesses’ working hours.


Our system is completely scalable for your business needs and new handsets can be added within 72 hours.

Fully Secure

The cloud is a more secure method of making calls than using a traditional analogue telephone. This modern system has standardised encryption protocols that make your calls and data more secure than ever before.

Always Connected

Distance and location have no impact on the Apex Cloud Telephony system. Whether you are calling the other side of the country or the other side of the world, if you both have an internet connection, then communication is possible.

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