Understanding the Technical Aspects of VoIP Phone Services

Understanding the Technical Aspects of VoIP Phone Services
September 10, 2020 Adm1n

Understanding the Technical Aspects of VoIP Phone Services

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In the market of business communication technologies, there are a lot of misconceptions about VoIP phone services technology, how it works and what hardware and software is necessary for operation. This article will assist you in understanding the technical aspects of installing and using VoIP phone services in your business, as well as the features the communication service offers.

VoIP Meaning

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a new age technological communication system. It is an alternative method to traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) phone services. VoIP is different from previous phone services because it relies on an internet connection rather than traditional telephone systems that depend on telephone lines. The system is cloud-based and offers a variety of high-quality voice communication and message channels between business partners, employees, as well as with their customers.

What are VoIP Phone Services

Installing VoIP in an organisation requires hardware and software installation. A VoIP phone is a communication device that connects to an internet network to place and receive calls. It can come in the form of a hard phone (a traditional phone) or softphone (virtual phones that are accessed via an application on a mobile device). Unlike traditional communication lines operated by a telecom provider, VoIP phones process calls through an internet network (using cloud technology to store and manage data transferring and receiving ). Whether you choose to use a hard or soft VoIP phone, the process doesn’t differ much; VoIP phone services operated through a soft phone only require one additional conversion from analog phone signals into digital signals. The digital signals are then transferred over the internet in data packages.

VoIP Phone Services Features

VoIP phone services feature multiple options for communication channels. VoIP technology allows businesses to communicate via voicemail, email, faxing, and conference calling. Access to multiple communication channels allows for improving small business communication and helps with dealing with varied situations business as usual brings.

Call Calling

VoIP for business calls is the main communication feature the technology provides to users, with data transfer relying on internet connection and the cloud, rather than telecom service providers. The cost of placing calls domestically and internationally is significantly reduced in comparison to previous communication options. The increased speed and higher quality of calls is one of the most attractive features of the service.

Call Recording Services

VoIP for business allows calls with customers and other partners to be recorded, saving employees time, and making it easy to relisten to important conversations. Being able to review call logs and get detailed information allows business members a better understanding of call frequency, popular times of calls, and more relevant information. With VoIP services, it is simple to download, forward, and receive audio files via email.

Do-not Disturb Call Feature

This VoIP feature allows clients or customers to be instantly redirected to another consultant if the employee they wish to contact is on another call. It enables audio message sending to the caller or voice prompt options rather than interrupting the employee’s existing call.

Automated Assistance

With the automated assistance or IVR feature, VoIP services allow calls to be transferred or redirected to appropriate extensions without going through a call operator or receptionist. This feature also allows organisations to create customised greetings or directions, dependent on the caller or time of day. Automated assistance with VoIP services allow for improved call management and reduces costs on call processing.

Advanced Conference Call Options

Many organisations need to hold conferences with their employees for general meetings or to plan projects. VoIP phone services for businesses not only allow multiple members to connect to conference calls but also has many additional features that improve efficiency and communication.

Hosted Cloud PBX

Hosted Cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephony solution for business communication. The exchange system is an online voice and data service that is owned and managed by an outside service provider. Organisations primarily choose this option as opposed to traditional on-premise communication systems, to save on the costs of resources and training, as well as the time taken for independently developing and managing the data storage systems. All data is stored on the internet, the cloud and can be accessed anytime and in any location. Hosted Cloud PBX allows organisations flexibility for making adjustments or changes. Cloud PBX is a stable, reliable and efficient system for managing and monitoring data communications between business partners, employees and customers.

Connection With IOT

IOT is an acronym for Internet of Things, it refers to the constantly expanding network of physical, computing devices, people, as well as mechanical and digital machines that are connected to the internet .The fundamental function of VoIP and IOT is connecting things via the internet. There is huge technological potential for VoIP and IOT connection, for example a printer being connected to an employee’s smartphone, to notify when it needs maintenance. These network connections and functionalities are sure to make life simpler, more efficient and productive in the future, even outside of the workplace.

User-friendly Portal

As well as user-friendly installation and set up of VoIP technology in businesses. Adding extensions, call forwarding, creating call groups, and scheduling voicemails, save time and money for businesses using VoIP phone services. Web portal access and management are easy, and adding or making changes to the communication channel systems has never been so efficient. The VoIP portal is accessible from your smartphone, following simple directions, and allows complete organisational control over the systems.


Although VoIP phone services are a new age technology, is it not too difficult to understand the technical aspects and install the communication service within any organisation. VoIP for business continues to develop and advance, making communication between business members, employees and consumers more efficient and productive. The features offered by VoIP phone services allow organisations to access a greater variety of communication methods and information sharing, improving functionality and organisational control over all business communications.

The process of installing VoIP as a business phone system is simple and easy to follow. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns regarding VoIP, don’t hesitate to contact us