Footstep Nursery

Footstep Nursery
November 15, 2023 Ozge


Footstep Nursery aims to create nurturing nurseries with dedicated teams prioritising children’s well-being. They maintain high standards, support staff growth, and constantly seek improvement based on family and community feedback.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled with the incredible transformation that Telecom2 has brought to our organisation. We were facing several significant challenges, including communication, high operational costs, and the need for a professional image in our parents’ and staff’s interactions. Telecom2’s cloud-based phone solution proved to be the game-changer we desperately needed.

Telecom2’s ability to consolidate our three nursery locations into a unified communication system has been remarkable. Our staff members can now communicate effortlessly, and the synergy among our teams has reached new heights. Apex Cloud Telephony has significantly improved our efficiency and the quality of service we provide to our families.”

Footstep Nursery



Footstep Nursery, a childcare provider with three nursery locations, sought an efficient and cost-effective cloud-based phone solution to enhance its communication capabilities. Their primary goal was to consolidate all three nurseries under one flexible phone system, enabling seamless communication among staff members and optimising communication infrastructure. Additionally, they wanted to reduce their monthly phone bills while ensuring stable, reliable services and exceptional call features. 

Communication Decentralisation: Footstep Nursery operates from three locations, resulting in fragmented communication. Staff members across nurseries found it challenging to connect and collaborate efficiently.

High Communication Costs: The existing traditional phone system was expensive to maintain, with high monthly bills. Footstep Nursery was searching for a solution to reduce operational costs without compromising service quality.

Lack of Professional Call Handling: Footstep Nursery wanted a professional image to greet their callers. They required an IVR system (auto-attendance) to route calls to the appropriate departments and individual team members effectively.



Telecom2 thoroughly analysed Footstep Nursery’s communication needs and implemented an all-in-one cloud-based phone solution tailored to their challenges. The solution included:

Consolidated Communication: Telecom2 connected all three nursery locations through a unified cloud-based phone system, ensuring that staff members could communicate seamlessly with each other, regardless of their physical location.

Professional IVR Greeting: Telecom2 set up a professional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that greeted callers and efficiently routed them to the appropriate departments within the organisation. This not only enhanced the nursery’s image but also streamlined call handling.

Call Transfer Capability: Each team member at Footstep Nursery’s was equipped with call transfer capabilities. This feature allowed calls to be transferred to any employee at any nursery location, ensuring that inquiries and issues were addressed promptly and efficiently.



Apex Cloud Telephony, installed for Footstep Nursery’s three locations, was launched successfully only four weeks after providing the project brief. Our team provided handsets, and bespoke work was carried out to meet Footstep Nursery’s specific requirements, resulting in a tailored and customised solution that met their communication needs.

Apex Cloud Telephony improved communication across all three nursery locations, enabling seamless connectivity and efficient call handling. Call transfer capabilities streamlined call handling and allowed quicker resolution of issues, improving customer service.

The IVR (Auto Attendance) system improved the nursery’s image, making a positive first impression on callers and ensuring their inquiries were directed to the correct department.

Staff members across all nursery locations could communicate effortlessly, fostering collaboration and teamwork.

The Apex Cloud Telephony system’s features, such as call queuing and distribution, significantly improved the handling of incoming calls. Calls were promptly routed to the relevant individuals or departments, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall parents and staff experience.

By transitioning to Apex Cloud Telephony, Footstep Nursery reduced their monthly phone bills by an impressive 50%. These significant cost savings allowed the nursery to allocate resources to other essential aspects of its operations.


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