Waverley Practice

Waverley Practice
February 19, 2024 Ozge

Waverley Practice Case Study


Waverley Practice is a well-established General Practice committed to delivering exceptional healthcare services focusing on personalised patient care. With two conveniently located branches in Plumstead and Welling, Waverley Practice has served the local community for several years, becoming a trusted healthcare partner for individuals and families.



Waverley Practice, with branches in Plumstead and Welling, faced operational inefficiencies due to outdated analogue phone systems. Communication between sites was cumbersome, and call handling needed features essential for a modern GP practice.



Apex Cloud Telephony successfully migrated Waverley Practice to a unified IP phone system, consolidating both branches seamlessly. The new system boasts:


1.Consolidated System: Apex Cloud Telephony successfully consolidated the phone systems of both branches into one unified communication platform, facilitating easy and efficient communication between users across sites.

2.IVR (Auto Attendance): Implementing an IVR system allowed Waverley Practice to present a professional front to callers. Callers could choose from options like pressing 1 for reception and 2 for a specific GP, enhancing the overall caller experience.

3.Call Queue and Hold Options: Patient call handling significantly improved by introducing call queues and hold features. Phone users could now wait in a queue or be placed on hold, minimising the risk of missed calls and enhancing patient satisfaction.

4.Upgraded Hardware: Apex Cloud Telephony upgraded the hardware to meet the specific demands of a GP practice. Phone users were equipped with devices with a contact limit of over 1000, ensuring access to a comprehensive contacts database. The new hardware also incorporated features designed to cater to the daily demands of the practice.

5.Seamless Transition Process: Apex Cloud Telephony ensured a smooth transition from analogue to IP by meticulously planning and executing every phase of the implementation process. This involved coordinating with Waverley Practice’s IT team to minimise disruption to daily operations and ensure a seamless migration of existing phone numbers, extensions, and call routing configurations to the new system.

6.Training and Support: Apex Cloud Telephony provided comprehensive training and support to Waverley Practice’s staff members to facilitate a successful transition to the new IP phone system. This included training sessions on how to use the new features and functionalities of the system, as well as ongoing technical support to address any issues or questions that arose during the transition period.



Waverley Practice’s collaboration with Apex Cloud Telephony resulted in a successful transformation of its communication infrastructure. The implemented cloud telephony solution addressed existing challenges and positioned the practice for future growth and technological advancements.

Apex Cloud Telephony improved communication across all two practice locations,

enabling seamless connectivity and efficient call handling.

The IVR (Auto Attendance) system and improved call-handling features led to more efficient and professional patient interaction, contributing to a positive patient experience.

The migration from analogue to IP was executed without disruptions, showcasing Apex Cloud Telephony’s expertise in delivering a smooth, hassle-free transition.

The Apex Cloud Telephony system’s features, such as call queuing and distribution, significantly improved the handling of incoming calls.

The upgraded hardware and additional features provided by Apex Cloud Telephony’s solution empowered staff to handle daily practice demands more effectively, leading to increased productivity.

Real-time call monitoring and analysis provided insights into missed calls, enabling prompt follow-up and reducing missed opportunities—regular reviews of missed call data allowed for process improvements, optimising call handling and maximising patient engagement.


“Apex Cloud Telephony’s smooth transition to a cloud telephony system has transformed Waverley Practice. Apex Cloud Telephony improved communication and efficient call handling between our branches, significantly enhancing our operations and positively impacting patient experience. We are truly impressed with the professionalism and expertise of the Apex Cloud Telephony team.” 

Janet Riches

Practice Manager

Waverley Practice

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